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18 Noiembrie 2020 tensor Overcoming Corrosion in Heat Exchangers18 Noiembrie 2020

Ora: 18:00 (Romania) Competing requirements necessitate picking the best material while considering all the factors present in a harsh service environment. But how do you get access to the most relevant data, choose the best material and validate your choice? Using a case study of a heat exchanger in a desalination plant, we demonstrate how to use Ansys GRANTA Selector to quickly select metal candidates that can resist the corrosive environment. Simultaneously, we look to reduce material cost while ensuring material availability and suitability for existing manufacturing methods — all while meeting demanding performance requirements. We use... ...

18 Noiembrie 2020 tensor Optimizing PCBA Design for Shock, Vibration and Thermal Analysis18 Noiembrie 2020

Ora: 18:00 (Romania) Perhaps the most important metric is the modal response or natural frequencies of the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The “natural frequencies” of a PCBA provide valuable insight into the vibration behavior of the assembly. Ansys Sherlock and Ansys Mechanical can be used to find the modal response of a circuit board assembly by itself and when mounted in its enclosure. You can then iterate the design to change the frequency response so that it is outside the expected load frequencies. Link ...

26 Noiembrie 2020 tensor Accelerate Productivity and Innovation with Ansys Mechanical26 Noiembrie 2020

Ora: 16:00 (Romania) As the competitive marketplace evolves in a disruptive global environment, your design, development, and analysis challenges need to adapt as well. Here at Ansys we don’t stop driving our development teams to push the envelope on next generation simulation solutions to empower our customers to deliver transformational products. We invite you to attend this webinar to learn about the powerful enhancements made to Ansys Mechanical that span its end-to-end workflow.We will discuss upgrades over recent years that continue to help customers achieve accurate, reliable results in the shortest possible time. Join us for the... ...


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