Simulări CFD

  • Studying product or assembly behavior under worst-case scenarios or in cases that cannot be physically tested or it is very expensive to do it by experiment
  • Rapid virtual analysis of a prototype in different functioning cases
  • Studies regarding fluids distribution and fluids transport
  • Environmental studies (NOx, SO2, CO dispersion, etc.)
  • Heat transfer studies in industrial processes
  • Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics studies
  • Wind turbine studies
  • Fluid flow in pipe networks
  • Combustion studies
  • CFD studies in automotive industry, oil & gas, maritime industry, energy and bio-engineering
  • Thermal analysis studies
  • Analysis of desulphurization & de-dusting equipment (functioning/verification)
  • Gas outlets analysis
  • Electrostatic filters analysis
  • Gravitational separators analysis
  • Multiphase flows analysis
  • Phase-change processes CFD studies
  • UDFs (User Defined Functions) creation to be used in CFD project simulations
  • Fluid-structure interaction analysis
  • Sloshing studies
  • Continuous casting analysis
  • Turbo-machinery studies (CFD & FEA)
  • LNG transport studies, H2 related studies
  • Pb & Li-Ion batteries related studies


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