Reducing Cost and Time with Additive Manufacturing16 Decembrie 2020

Ora: 08:00 (Romania)

As designers embrace the promising new world of AM, they must tackle new challenges as designing for AM requires a different approach than traditional manufacturing processes. Designers also need to ensure that their part will print accurately during the manufacturing process. To accomplish this, they must leverage reliable, specialized tools for AM. To accelerate the design, development and qualification process of an AM part, manufacturers are using simulation and process monitoring.

This webinar spotlights Ansys’ comprehensive and scalable simulation solution for minimizing AM processing risks. We will discuss how process simulation reduces the need for trial and error experimental iterations. Additionally, we will illustrate how simulation helps companies predict whether a digital design will be produced successfully.

• Understand design for AM.

• Receive expert insights on build setup.

• Explore how to process simulation.

• Learn how to predict failures like blade crash.

• Understand distortion compensation.



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