Ansys Motor-CAD 2021 R1 Multiphysics Electric Motor Design and Optimization3 Februarie 2021

Ora: 18:00 (Romania)

This webinar showcases the latest release of Ansys Motor-CAD in Ansys 2021 R1, delivering a detailed look at its many new capabilities for multiphysics electric motor design. We will spotlight Motor-CAD’s powerful new features for design optimization, multiphysics analysis and system modeling for electric motors.

  • Ratio-based parametric templates for comprehensive optimization and design space exploration. 
  • Force analysis provides detailed insight into the excitation force data in both the time and frequency domain, enabling designers to minimize noise and vibration from the early design phase. 
  • Generator analysis curves rapidly simulate accurate characteristics over a range of frequency, power factor and impedance values. 
  • Extended multiphysics FMU system modeling and electro-thermal coupled drive cycle analysis for induction and synchronous wound field machines. 
  • Enhanced couplings to Ansys Maxwell, with support for non-template geometries, help create efficiency maps and execute drive cycle analyses.



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