High-Fidelity Thermal Analysis for the Design and Verification of Electric Motors27 Ianuarie 2021

Ora: 11:00 (Romania)

Design and optimization of high-performance electric machines (e.g., motors and generators) require a multistage process to account for three major performance metrics: electromagnetic, structural/acoustic and thermal. Traditionally, designs were based on a single physics and were conducted by separate engineering groups. Now, by using a multiphysics and system platform, you can consider all critical design goals simultaneously without compromising solution accuracy. In this webinar, we’ll discuss accurate CFD/thermal solutions that enable faster, more reliable and more efficient electric machine designs, including:

  • CFD thermal model creation for a water-cooled electric motor 
  • One-way and two-way coupling between electromagnetic and CFD solvers 
  • Tips and tricks for modeling oil-spray cooling of electric motors 
  • Creation of a thermal reduced-order model (ROM) for system modeling.




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