Ansys 2020 R2: Electric Motors Enhancements22 Septembrie 2020

Ora: 18:00 (Romania)

This webinar showcases the many cutting-edge electric motor design simulation capabilities delivered in Ansys 2020 R2, including powerful new features that enable you to solve large and complex electric motor designs faster than ever before.

We will provide a detailed look at a new cyclic repeatability simulation technique for electric motor application. The analysis has been improved by efficiently solving just a slice of the motor, employing non-planar boundary conditions, using symmetric mesh and replicating results to the full model. Additionally, we will examine new state-of-the-art reduce order modeling (ROM) and parameter identification capabilities which will optimize performance of polyphase induction machine drives and ensure accurate performance predictions. We will also provide expert insights on key Ansys Motor-CAD improvements designed to significantly boost your productivity.

  • Understand the new cyclic repeatability simulation technique for electric motor application. 
  • Preview leading-edge reduce order modeling (ROM) and parameter identification capabilities. 
  • Discover how message passing interface (MPI)-based system matrix distribution can now be used in Ansys Maxwell in addition to existing OpenMP shared memory high-performance computing (HPC), enabling the solution of very large problems with reduced solution time. 
  • Receive a detailed look at Motor-CAD’s loss-dependent electrothermal model based on a functional mockup (FMU). 
  • Learn about Motor-CAD’s improvements to Ansys Electronics Desktop export including stator sleeve, rotor banding, 3D electromagnetic analysis setup and hairpin winding.



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