ANSYS DISCOVERY este un produs destinat utilizarii intensive in fazele de proiectare pentru produse noi, pentru testarea rapida a solutiilor propuse si descoperirea celor mai bune variante.


  • Keynote from Mark Hindsbo, Vice President and General Manager, Design Business Unit, Ansys
  • Product demonstration from Justin Hendrickson, Senior Director, Design Product Management, Ansys
  • Customer Success Story from Stefan Macho, Head of R&D Simulation, HAWE Hydraulik, in partnership with CADFEM Group, an Ansys Elite Channel Partner
  • Customer Success Story from Mauricio Toro, CEO, TECHFIT Digital Surgery


Interactive Breakout Sessions:

  • Spotlight on fluids simulation presented by technical experts
  • Deep dive into structural simulation presented by technical experts
  • Focus on thermal simulation presented by technical experts
  • Exploration of generative design capabilities presented by product managers
  • Walkthrough of HAWE Hydraulik application presented by CADFEM Group, an Ansys Elite Channel Partner


Evenimentul va avea loc online, in data de 29 iulie 2020, ora 18:00 (Romania) si cu siguranta merita un loc in calendarul oricarui inginer!

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New Discovery Live


Optical and Radiometric Simulation for Biomedical Applications20 Octombrie 2020

Ora: 12:00 (Romania) The employment of optical methods in biomedical technologies has grown in recent years. Light used for imaging, diagnostics or even therapy is an ideal tool because it is powerful, less expensive than CT or PET imaging... ...

Optimizing Speed with HFSS Regions in SIwave6 Octombrie 2020

Ora: 11:00 (Romania) Learn how the speed and accuracy of Ansys SIwave can be improved by leveraging HFSS Regions in SIwave, a cutting-edge technique for supporting high-speed printed circuit board (PCB) channel design requirements. This presentation compares the technique... ...


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