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This is something "interesting to" do, for anyone who wants to learn more about magnetics design or just to discover new ways of doing High-Frequency Magnetics.

Un training altfel. Din care oricine interesat de subiect poate doar sa invete, sa capete incredere in propriile cunostinte si sa castige experienta!
Va invit cu drag sa luati in calcul participarea la "Frenetic High-Frequency Magnetics Training Program", incepe pe 20 septembrie, cu inscriere pana atunci.

Pe scurt, programul promite ca:
"You will design a magnetic (design, sample manufacture and lab validation) during the training program, through 1-on-1 sessions with our technical team. Magnetics with successful results will be published in our library and the creator will receive a 300€ coupon to use towards Frenetic Online, plus a Frenetic Certificate of Excellence".
Toate detaliile si inregistrarea AICI.

TENSOR este singurul distribuitor si reprezentant in Romania pentru FRENETIC, o platforma software dedicata simularii, proiectarii si productiei componentelor magnetice (inclusiv frecvente si puteri mari) pentru surse de alimentare si convertoare DC-DC. Avand in spate un algoritm de tip inteligenta artificiala, modele fizice dezvoltate pe baza de date experimentale si/sau date numerice obtinute din simulari 3D, precum si conexiunea directa cu diversi producatori de astfel de componente, FRENETIC este o aplicatie deosebit de interesanta si usor de utilizat (web-based). Pentru cei care detin licente ANSYS Maxwell, ar putea fi de interes si faptul ca platforma FRENETIC exporta modele Maxwell 3D gata pregatite pentru simulare.

Key Features of Frenetic

  • Waveform builder & .csv waveform import from PSIM
  • Automatic complete design suggestions
  • Core Losses model considering all the harmonics.
  • Custom cores calculations
  • Advanced Rac , Temperature and losses prediction models based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Fully customization of the winding arrangement with AI-based Lk Inductance calculation


  • On board Chargers
  • DC-DC Converters
  • EV chargers
  • Power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Gate Driver
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