Optimizarea condensatorilor la proiectarea unui PCB folosind ANSYS SIwave și ANSYS Icepak29 Noiembrie 2018

Utilizarea uneltelor ANSYS pentru optimizarea capacității condensatoarelor ținând cont de temperatură.


29 noiembrie 2018 11.30 AM (IST) / 18.00 ora Romăniei

Improving Fuel Cell Designs for FCEVs Using Simulation30 Septembrie 2020

Ora: 09:00 (Romania) With longer driving range, faster refueling, higher energy density and no emissions, fuel cell technology promises to solve many e-mobility-related challenges. Currently, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are on the road, but these vehicles have yet... ...

Lithium-ion Battery Safety Modeling in Ansys Fluent1 Octombrie 2020

Ora: 17:00 (Romania) With the growth of the electric vehicle market, the demand for smaller and lighter batteries with greater capacity has never been higher. However, a key issue limit in Li-ion battery (LIB) applications is the potential safety.... ...


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