Introducing the Most Powerful Simulation Solution for Metal AM23 Ianuarie 2018

Time: 18:00 PM (Romania Time Zone)

For the first time, ANSYS is offering a complete simulation workflow for additive manufacturing (AM), enabling you to quickly transition your metal AM R&D efforts into successful manufacturing operations. Learn about the best-in-class solution that allows simulation of the entire AM process from design to print, including determining the best machine, part set-up and material configurations before physically having to print anything. Simulation greatly reduces, and potentially eliminates, physical trial and error. This webinar will demonstrate how ANSYS additive manufacturing simulation tools can help you improve your AM designs. Improvements result from more efficiently setting up your builds by simulating best part orientation and automatically generating physics-based support structures. Simulation helps you to detect and prevent distortion, residual stresses and blade crashes. It determines the optimal process parameters and explores materials by simulating phase changes, microstructure and thermomechanical properties.


Elastic Compute Scalable Design Methodologies for Next-Generation FPGAs8 August 2019

Inventatorul FPGA - XILINX - va discuta aplicațiile practice ale metodologiei sale de proiectare, incluzând: - Scalarea proiectelor pentru analiza folosind ANSYS SeaScape - Procedura de verificare a preoectelor de cipuri folosind ANSYS RedHAwk-SC - Accelerarea calculului... ...

Reduced Order Models pentru popularizarea utilizării simulării și a digital twins21 August 2019

Modelele de ordin redus (Reduced order models (ROMs)) cresc viteza procesului și simplifică simularea. Un ROM este o vrsiune simplificată a unui model computational fidel, ce păstrează comportamentul esențial și efectele dominante reducând timpul obținerii și spațiul necesar stocării rezultatelor.... ...


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