Discovery Live: Real Results in Real Time27 Martie 2018

Data: Marti 27 martie, 2018 
Ora: 6:00 PM

Engineering can be tough. We all want both less/more and stay up at night with many questions. Will my part be strong enough? Is the safety factor I`m using too high for my assembly? How streamlined is my part? How can I reduce fatigue in my bracket? Can I keep the internal temperature cool enough? 

With an increased pressure to get products to market as quickly as possible, it`s difficult to cycle through enough iterations to land on the best possible design let alone one that`s adequate without over-engineering. ANSYS Discovery Live® is the first ever tool that lets engineers spend time with questions and answers rather than long simulation setups and wait times. Discovery Live gives you real results in real time and lets you experiment with geometry, boundary conditions and result displays, so you can understand exactly what`s happening in your model`s performance. 

This Webinar will enable you to see:

-Real-time fluid, structural, and thermal simulations
-Fast, upfront geometry changes to investigate potential problems
-Dynamic and interactive results

Simulări mai rapide folosind workflowl Fluent bazat pe task-uri11 Decembrie 2018

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ANSYS Discovery Live pentru aplicații în automotive6 Decembrie 2018

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